5-Minute Futures

Discover a world of time-based trades that occur in the first hour of the trading day (between 9-10 AM Eastern time).  Each trade takes an average of 5 minutes to get in and out of the market, and they're so predictable, you can set your clock by them.

Course Description

Are you tired of wasting hours of your time sitting at your computer all day waiting for a trade to happen?

What if you only had to be focused for the first hour of the day and not worry about the next two, three, four, six hours?

If you have just $2500 in a trading account, John will show you the trades he takes to make an average of $200 to $300 a day in under an hour most days.

(And if you don't have $2,500 in an account, he'll show you how to work with a legitimate prop trading firm and get qualified to trade OPM, aka Other People's Money.)

Start your mornings off on the right foot with this collection of 3 powerful trades that happen between 9-10 AM Eastern time (6-7 Pacific).

Each trade occurs at a very specific time -- so consistently that you can set your clock by them:

* The "Oil Open Trade" at 9:00 AM Eastern
* The "Opening Price Trade" at 9:30 AM Eastern
* The "15-Minute Reversal Trade" at 9:45 AM Eastern

Set an alarm on your smart phone, or an alert on your calendar.  When the alarm rings, you calmly walk to your computer, open your trading platform, get in and out of the trade within a few minutes, then go back to your "real life".

The first hour of the day is the best time of the day to trade.  You have plenty of volume, plenty of movement, and you only need to stay focused for a single hour -- not the next six hours.

5-Minute Futures will teach you how to master the markets during the first hour of the trading day and introduce you to a whole new world of time-based trades that only take an average of 5 minutes per trade at very specific times.


NOTE:  This course is an introductory-level version of the much more comprehensive "Time Trader" course, also available on this site.  Time Trader includes 15 time-based trades around the clock, including the 3 trades in this course, so if you already own Time Trader, then you already have these trade setups.

"What am I going to get from this course?"

  • 32 lessons and over 3 hours of solid, "no fluff" content!
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to master 3 time-based futures trades
  • The confidence of knowing how to find other time-based trades that fit YOUR schedule
  • Exclusive "Platform Essentials" course to help traders new to NinjaTrader install and set up the software

"Who is this course for?"

  • Traders of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned pros
  • Traders tired of wasting endless hours every day waiting for "Indicator A" to cross "Indicator B" and who instead want to learn TIME-BASED trades and be done trading for the day by 10 AM Eastern.
  • Anyone looking to create additional income (Note:  As with every investment, there are risks involved with day trading.  Click here for our full Risk Disclaimer.)

"What are the requirements?"

  • You can trade this system on any platform, but for best results, we recommend NinjaTrader for Windows (free while you master the trades in simulation).  All course videos are recorded using NinjaTrader, so being on the same platform will reduce the learning curve.
  • The custom "5-Minute Futures" indicator requires NinjaTrader.  If you are using another platform, the course shows you how to easily recreate the information you need manually.


  • BONUS 1:  Custom Indicator
    Our custom "5-Minute Futures Indicator" for NinjaTrader to help you set up each trade before it happens and suggest the most likely entry point
  • BONUS 2:  The Successful Trader's Mindset
    "The Successful Trader's Mindset" video to help you overcome the mental roadblocks preventing you from reaching your true potential as a trader
  • BONUS 3:  The 610 Trade
    "The 610 Trade" course with Ted Posobiec teaches you the 610 Range Trade that Ted uses to pull an extra 10, 20, even 50 ticks out of the market 3-4 days per week

NOTE:  We reserve the right to change or remove these bonuses at any time without prior notice.  They may or may not be here tomorrow.  The only way to make sure you get them all is to sign up for 5-Minute Futures TODAY.

Our 90-Day 100% Money Back Action Guarantee

  • Sign Up Today and Check Out The Entire Course For Yourself
  • Trade at least 1 day a week over the next 3 months, starting with $2,500 in a real or simulated trading account
  • After 3 months, if you have not generated at least $500 in real or simulated profits, show us the proof you took the actions above and get a FULL, 100% REFUND of your investment in the course


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Setup

Module 3: Oil Open Trade

Module 4: Opening Price Trade

Module 5: 15 Minute Reversal Trade

Module 6: Next Steps

Instructor Biography

John Ondercin

John Ondercin is a Trading Strategist for WINvesting.  A full­-time trader since 1999, his books include “Options Trading in a Nutshell” and numerous courses on day trading and advanced options strategies.  Mr. Ondercin has been teaching his strategies since 2005 to both new and institutional traders in 53 countries around the world.  His focus is on protecting your portfolio while providing monthly cash flow.