• AAPL100.96-0.83 -0.82%
  • GS186.20-1.69 -0.90%
  • FAS109.76-1.11 -1.00%
  • AXP89.70-0.40 -0.44%
  • WCG64.04+0.31 +0.49%
  • LVS62.33-1.62 -2.53%
  • KLAC80.77-0.09 -0.11%
  • AIG55.24-1.09 -1.94%
  • DOW53.49-0.10 -0.19%
  • MOS46.44-0.29 -0.62%
  • CREE42.16-1.06 -2.45%
  • C53.48-0.18 -0.34%
  • ANDE64.83-0.88 -1.34%
  • RIG34.08-1.07 -3.04%
  • MSFT47.52+0.84 +1.80%
  • POT35.40+0.02 +0.06%
  • APOL26.08-0.51 -1.92%
  • DBC23.68-0.07 -0.29%
  • CSCO25.20-0.02 -0.08%
  • AMAT22.55-0.05 -0.22%
  • BAC16.95-0.09 -0.53%
  • RMBS12.92-0.01 -0.08%
  • WLT3.02+0.08 +2.72%
  • USD-JPY109.02
  • USD-EUR0.7794

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