• AAPL99.28-1.47 -1.46%
  • GS180.66-2.91 -1.59%
  • FAS99.70-3.27 -3.18%
  • AXP85.855-1.425 -1.63%
  • WCG57.19-3.15 -5.22%
  • LVS61.255-0.955 -1.54%
  • KLAC76.545-2.235 -2.84%
  • AIG52.96-1.06 -1.96%
  • DOW50.445-1.995 -3.80%
  • MOS43.235-1.175 -2.65%
  • CREE39.67-1.28 -3.13%
  • C51.14-0.68 -1.31%
  • ANDE61.06-1.82 -2.89%
  • RIG31.07-0.90 -2.82%
  • MSFT45.94-0.42 -0.91%
  • POT34.34-0.22 -0.64%
  • APOL24.99-0.16 -0.64%
  • DBC23.135-0.085 -0.37%
  • CSCO25.055-0.115 -0.46%
  • AMAT20.98-0.63 -2.92%
  • BAC16.815-0.235 -1.38%
  • RMBS11.925-0.555 -4.45%
  • WLT2.07-0.27 -11.54%
  • USD-JPY108.905
  • USD-EUR0.7926

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