• AAPL132.54+1.15 +0.88%
  • GS207.80+2.85 +1.39%
  • FAS32.99-0.02 -0.06%
  • AXP81.25+0.49 +0.61%
  • WCG83.06-1.08 -1.28%
  • LVS51.95-0.59 -1.12%
  • KLAC59.115-0.045 -0.076%
  • AIG59.88-0.34 -0.56%
  • DOW51.29-0.09 -0.18%
  • MOS47.03-0.40 -0.84%
  • CREE30.47-0.09 -0.29%
  • C54.97+0.13 +0.24%
  • ANDE44.50-0.80 -1.77%
  • RIG20.15+0.06 +0.30%
  • MSFT46.90-0.52 -1.10%
  • POT32.99-0.34 -1.02%
  • APOL16.46-0.01 -0.06%
  • DBC17.99-0.20 -1.10%
  • CSCO29.26-0.17 -0.58%
  • AMAT20.14-0.01 -0.05%
  • BAC16.75+0.02 +0.12%
  • RMBS14.40-0.09 -0.62%
  • WLT0.4795-0.0425 -8.1418%
  • USD-JPY122.7400
  • USD-EUR0.9171
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  • Tue., May. 26, 2015
    07:30 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

    Trend Trading Room (FREE)

    The Best Way to Become a Profitable Trader is to Trade Side-by-Side with a Profitable Trader Join Matt Bowen as he shows you his strategy for beating the markets LIVE each morning.  You will be able to "look over his shoulder" and learn as Matt shares his entry and exit setups well before the trade happens.  We encourage you to follow along in simulation to accelerate your learning curve.

  • Thu., May. 28, 2015
    12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EDT

    E-Mini Insider

    Day Trade With A Pro And Get The Inside Scoop On What Works In Today's Market.   If you've been day trading for any length of time, you know the EASY part is the mechanics, and the HARD part is creating a disciplined plan and sticking to it. Having a professional day trading coach helps you stay focused and increases the likelihood that you'll reach your goals. The E-Mini Insider is committed to helping you become the best day trader you can be. You'll see live trading each week and be able to ask questions and get the answers you need to succeed.  Click Here for more information and to see the latest episodes available online.

  • Wed., Jun. 03, 2015
    09:00 AM - 04:45 PM EDT


    This FREE all-day trading webinar features five of the top traders in the industry sharing their best-kept secrets for succeeding in today's market.

  • Wed., Jun. 10, 2015
    12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EDT

    Options Accelerator

    Accelerate Your Options Learning Curve With Live Coaching.   Join professional trader Brent McPherson as he teaches you the best options strategies for today's market as well as walks you through live trades that he takes in his personal account.  He'll show you his conservative method for averaging 5% monthly returns with an over 90% success rate.  Click Here for more information and to see the latest episodes available online.

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